Amanda Morrow is a user experience and interface designer living in Des Moines, Iowa.

Over the past several years, I’ve had so many interesting design problems thrown my way. From wire-framing my first app to learning my first lines of javascript, to putting together my first undergraduate curriculum. I enjoy the challenge and excitement of learning something new.

I was fortunate to begin my journey into the interactive world just as the words "Mobile First” were becoming common vernacular. You couldn’t throw a hypothetical rock without hitting a tech blog mentioning it or someone bringing it up during a development meeting. Just as I was starting to familiarize myself with web standards, Apple's  iOS Human Interface Guidelines became the center of my design universe.

After mocking up my first mobile app, I was blown away by how quickly I could test my designs on my phone. Not only could I try them out right away, but I could suggest improvements that could be updated quickly. I was hooked.

Although the entire process was fascinating, the usability, and the psychology behind it, was what really drew me in. I started devouring books like The Design of Everyday Things and The Elements of User Experience. I started driving my friends nuts with how I would improve the efficiency of the line at local restaurants or the signs in our building.

It gave me a clear purpose and mission: To design better experiences for everyone.


  • I’m currently a freelance design consultant who is available for contract work. My specialties are interface design for web, mobile, and other interactive media.
  • In the past, I led design at Change, a point of sale app for the iPad. The goal of Change was to replace the ugly, antiquated cash registers you find burdening small restaurants, bars, and cafes all over the country.
  • Change was built by BitMethod, a company I joined back in 2010. BitMethod is where my journey into mobile app and web design began. We've designed and built products for many clients, as well as a few for ourselves. It's where I discovered my love of user experience and my joy of using design to solve real-life problems.
  • I taught two semesters of Mobile App Design and Development at Drake University alongside Jeff Inman and Tim Urness. The focus of this course was to get students from three different departments (Design, Journalism, and Computer Science) together into small groups where they are asked to design, develop, and market Android applications.
  • I occasionally speak on the topic of design and user experience. In the past, I’ve presented at World Information Architecture Day DSMSTLUX, and the I/OWA Conference
  • For over two years, I organized a monthly meet-up group in Des Moines called Design+Tech. The main goal of these meetings was to build a community of web savvy designers and creative types in Des Moines. I also wanted to increase awareness of how important good design is, especially within the tech community. 
  • In 2012, I partnered with AIGA Iowa and Saturday Mfg. to organize and produce SketchCamp DSM.
  • In 2006,  I graduated from Grand View University in Des Moines where I studied journalism, design, and mass communications.
  • Right after graduation, I worked for the Des Moines Register as their RAGBRAI Merchandise Coordinator.
  • Originally, I hail from Central City, Iowa, a small town on the eastern side of the state, just north of the Cedar Rapids area.