The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes

When I was a kid, I came across this book at our school library. I was completely drawn in by its illustrations. They were beautiful and bright and detailed, and I loved learning about the "real" story behind the Easter bunny.

About a year ago, some flicker of nostalgia reminded me of this book. I couldn't remember its name, but I desperately wanted to see the illustrations again. So after some internet sleuthing, I was able to find and purchase it on the internet (Thank you Amazon!). Although the copy I read as a kid seemed much bigger and dramatic, the illustrations were still just as beautiful.

After re-reading this book as an adult, I was delighted to find that the story contained feministic themes. Even though it was written in 1939, the story still holds up in today's world.

The book is about a little country girl bunny who is told she can never be one of the five elite Easter Bunnies. She grows up, gets married, and has 21 children (stick with me, here). She and her family go to the coronation of the next Easter Bunny and the Old Grandfather Rabbit notices how well-behaved her family is. He is so impressed, he makes her the next Easter Bunny. The last part of the story is about her journey in delivering a special Easter Egg to a sick child at the top of a cold, snowy mountain.