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fearless problem solver.
user experience expert.
designer of all things digital.

product design
Design strategy
USER interface design
Information architecture
website design
usability testing
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Recent Projects

Roboflow Annotate

Labeling is an incredibly labor-intensive aspect of building a computer vision model. With keyboard shortcuts, intelligent defaults, and integrated label creation, the annotation tool has saved users hours compared to other labeling tools.
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Roboflow Website

As Roboflow worked its way closer to becoming a complete end-to-end solution for developing computer vision models, their website continuously evolved. By building the site using Webflow, I was able to create an engaging website without needing the resources of a web developer.


My first foray into augmented reality flung me into the depths of Boggle tournament tips and 3D prototyping. The minimal interface puts the augmented camera view front and center. The neon branding emerged from the need for vibrant colors to hold up against different backgrounds.
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The Agenda. Period App

The Agenda. Period App

Redesigned this unique take on a period tracking app that focuses on all four stages of the menstrual cycle. Users gain a better understanding of how each stage could be affecting their mood and productivity.
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Amicus Design System

ARAG wanted to create a more cohesive experience across their digital projects, so I developed the Amicus Design System. To ensure its adoption, I facilitated an extensive rollout involving design system education, feedback sessions, and ongoing monthly updates.

About Me

Whether it's a mobile app, website, or flyer, my approach generally remains the same. Take a fuzzy, abstract problem, break it apart, do your research, experiment, and learn something from the outcome. Rinse and repeat until a concrete solution reveals itself.

Design often starts out messy with a lot of questions, feedback, and failed concepts. But that bumpy path tends to smooth out as you find your way to the right solution.
2015 - PRESENT

Independent Designer

Amanda Morrow drawing on a white board.
I help companies create valuable, intuitive experiences for their users. I've worked with startups, small businesses, and enterprise companies. Projects include software, mobile apps, websites, design systems, design strategy, information architecture, usability testing, experience audits, workshops, and general consulting.
2019 - 2021


Amanda Morrow with members of the Roboflow team.
I led design at a computer vision startup during its first year of growth. I established the foundation of the product interface, branding, marketing website, blog theme, email templates, promotional swag, and more.
2016 - 2019

Ace Vantura

Cutout heads of Amanda Morrow, her boyfriend, and her dogs on photo of camper van
In 2016, my boyfriend and I sold most of our things and moved into a camper van full-time, along with our two dogs. Ace Vantura was our home, office, and primary mode of transportation for almost three years.
2016 - 2020

ARAG Legal Insurance

ARAG Logo and "Legal Insurance. Dive Into Life." on striped yellow background
As the only interface designer at ARAG, I worked closely with UX Analysts across six different scrum teams. Along with completing several extensive refreshes of their digital properties, I helped shape their product strategy and launched their first design system.
2013 - 2014

Drake University

Amanda Morrow teaching in front of a white board.
I taught Mobile App Design and Development, an interdisciplinary course focused on designing, developing, testing, and marketing Android applications. This class also covered project scoping, prioritization, user needs, usability testing, prototyping, communication, and project hand-off.
2010 - 2015

BitMethod / Change

Amanda Morrow conversing with someone at a coffee shop.
BitMethod began as a mobile app design and development shop. We created custom iOS and Android apps for clients like Kum & Go, 80/35 Music Festival, and SmartyPig. Eventually we launched our own product called Change, a restaurant point-of-sale app for the iPad.